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These posts cover Earth’s first “End Time” – the Great Flood – and what to look for prior to its next “End Time” – the Second Coming of Christ. Ominous events happening now in the European Union, Russia, America, Israel and the Mid East were foreseen in ancient times by the Biblical prophets. Learn what they had to say and how events are building up to the grand climax known as Armageddon – to be followed by God’s merciful restoration of the Garden of Eden, a glorious golden Age of Peace and Heaven on Earth known as the Millennium.

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I,II,III Has the Earth Already Had an End Time? — Retrieving Mankind’s Lost Heritage: Sometimes the key to the future can be found in the past. In these posts, learn about the early history of mankind and of the earth – a fascinating history well known to our forbears, but, sad to say, one that lies hidden nowadays under the rubble of modern speculations about our origins.

Part 1: The World of Prehistory
Part 2: From One Environment to Another
Part 3: Did the Natural World Evolve by Itself, or Was it Created?

IV Ezekiel 38-39: Ancient Prophet Glimpses the Modern World! Learn what the ancient prophet Ezekiel predicted will transpire in the near future in the explosive region of the Mideast.

V Shape of the Future – Dual Nature of the Antichrist Kingdom: Again, a look into the near future, with a re-drawn map of the regions that will try to dominate the world prior to the Second Coming.

VI Unraveling the Mystery of the Image: An in-depth study of how the ancient writer of the Book of Revelation understood a certain vision about the world of the future – the vision of the “image of the beast” – and how it is manifested in our modern world.

VII Unraveling the Mystery of the Abomination: Through the benefit of historical hindsight, the puzzling prediction about the arrival of an “abomination of desolation” steps boldly out of the shadows. This ancient secret, locked away in the ancient Scriptures for so many generations, suddenly unveils its meaning with unusual clarity and focus – a breakthrough in our understanding that could never have emerged except in this modern era of advanced military technology.

VIII When Is the Coming of Christ and the End of the World? — Find out from the Ancient Prophet Daniel! Some Biblical predictions are extremely precise – such as those about the First and Second Coming of Christ, the two greatest turning points in human history…

IX Daniel 10-12: Ancient Mid East Turmoil Telescopes into Modern Times! Find out how the angel Gabriel used his visionary “telescope” to predict the near future and the distant future.

Part 1: Daniel Dives into the Supernatural Realm
Part 2: Gabriel’s “Telescope” Focuses on Near-Future Events
Part 3: Gabriel’s “Telescope” Zooms out into the Distant Future

X 666 and Mark of the Beast: Bridging Past, Present, and Future: Almost 2,000 years ahead of time, this remarkable revelation given to Christ’s apostle expresses in ancient riddle style certain aspects of modern technology. 


I Christ or Antichrist? Who Is the White Horse? An age-old mystery from the Book of Revelation fires up our imaginations, as we learn about the future conquest over the forces of Darkness followed by establishment of Heaven on Earth.

II Alien Gospel: Fact or Fiction? Have you wondered what to make of the “alien invasion” theories that are becoming popular nowadays? How valid are these scenarios about mankind’s soon-coming future? This post will address these issues. Fact is always stranger than fiction.

III Holy Covenant / 70th Week: Past or Future? A compilation of material from Posts VIII and IX, addressing the issue of whether the “holy covenant” and related events described in the Book of Daniel should be relegated into the ancient past, or were those Scriptures meant to foretell what would come to pass in the near-future, the final years of our present age?

IV Hell in Heaven? Heaven in Hell? (Part A, Part B, Part C) Do non-believers get a second chance? Can Hell’s prisoners find release? Do wayward Christians undergo rehabilitation in Heaven? These and other controversial questions are addressed in this comprehensive look at what goes on in the Afterlife.

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