INTRODUCTION to Book of Acts

ACTS 1: Christ’s Ascension and Judas’ Replacement

ACTS 2: Holy Spirit Outpouring Kickstarts the Revolution for Christ !

ACTS 3: Astounding Miracle Shocks Jerusalem !

ACTS 4: Confrontation with the Status Quo

ACTS 5: Church Purification, Signs and Wonders, Jailbreak

ACTS 6: Second Confrontation with the Sanhedrin

ACTS 7: First Christian Martyr

ACTS 8: Persecution and Adventures of Philip the Evangelist

ACTS 9: Saul’s Conversion! Peter Raises the Dead!

ACTS 10: First Gentile to Receive the Holy Spirit!

ACTS 11: Gospel Breaks Free from its Enclosure in Judaism!

ACTS 12: James’ Martyrdom; Peter’s Jailbreak Miracle!

ACTS 13: Paul Takes up the Torch – First Missionary Journey to Cyprus and Pisidian Antioch

ACTS 14: Central Turkey Journey Continues; Paul and Barnabas Mistaken for Jupiter and Mercury!

ACTS 15: Law versus Grace Confrontation!

ACTS 16: Greece Pioneers – Prison Earthquake

ACTS 17: Paul’s Gospel Juggernaut Makes its Way to Athens! 

ACTS 18: Commercial Hub Becomes Epicenter for Christianity!

ACTS 19: Dark Arts Forsaken; Mob Violence Subdued

ACTS 20: Paul Raises the Dead! Solemn Farewell and Forewarning

ACTS 21: Paul’s Crash-Landing in Jerusalem

ACTS 22: Mob Scorns Paul and the Gentiles

ACTS 23: Sanhedrin Scuffle and a “Dark Moment

ACTS 24: Trial Replay – Before a Roman Governor

ACTS 25: Paul Escapes Once More from the Sanhedrin

ACTS 26: Paul’s Defense before Israel’s Foreign Rulers

ACTS 27: Shipwreck!

ACTS 28: Arrival In Rome


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