These posts endeavor to address issues that  may be causing confusion in the realm of current End Time theology. (Hopefully, they won’t add to the confusion.)  

Christ or Antichrist? Who Is the White Horse? An age-old mystery from the Book of Revelation fires up our imaginations, as we learn about the future conquest over the forces of Darkness followed by establishment of Heaven on Earth.

Alien Gospel – Fact or Fiction? Have you wondered what to make of the “alien invasion” theories that are becoming popular nowadays? How valid are these scenarios about mankind’s soon-coming future? This post will address these issues. Fact is always stranger than fiction.

Holy Covenant / 70th Week – Past or Future? A compilation of material from Posts VIII and IX, addressing the issue of whether the “holy covenant” and related events described in the Book of Daniel should be relegated into the ancient past, or were those Scriptures meant to foretell what would come to pass in the near-future, the final years of our present age?

Hell in Heaven? Heaven in Hell? (Part APart BPart C) Do non-believers get a second chance? Can Hell’s prisoners find release? Do wayward Christians undergo rehabilitation in Heaven? These and other controversial questions are addressed in this comprehensive look at what goes on in the Afterlife.

Creation? Evolution? or Both? The how and why an explanation should be given to upcoming generations so that they can have an understanding of human origins that is beneficial both scientifically and ethically.

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