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Greetings! Are you the kind of person who enjoys a mental challenge? Are you curious about what the future holds? Or the mysteries of ages past? Or  what the Sacred Book has to say about our origins, our present day, and the near future? Then this may be just the site for you.

Regarding the the End of the Age, almost every generation in history has pondered this intriguing subject. That is, there have always been those who felt their day was the final era of history. Our modern day is no exception; there has been a great awakening of interest in the subject lately, and many people are wondering if indeed we are living in that unique historical era.

Are we entering the closing chapter of our present Age of history? Are we living on the threshold of a new Age to come? Or is such thinking just another case of jumping to premature conclusions, nothing but simplistic speculation that has no place in this enlightened era of scientific progress?

These are questions worthy of our attention, and this website will try to address them. Certainly, not all the answers can be given, and some of the answers may be off-target. (Hopefully, those will be at a minimum.)

Because much of the focus in this website is on the End of the Age, several posts will examine certain Biblical passages, especially from the Book of Revelation, the Book of Daniel, and the Book of Ezekiel. These Books contain numerous prophecies and visions about the future and are at the core of what most teachers have believed through the centuries about the ending period of our present Age.

Indeed, scholars throughout history have pondered diligently these ancient writings, understanding them as messages from the Almighty about His plan for the future of mankind. The legacy of these learned men from days gone by lives on in the considerable number of explanations, interpretations, translations, study guides, and theories they have worked out to help us better understand these mysterious predictions in the Sacred Book. As conscientious students, we in the present have taken this heritage seriously and based much of our collective understanding of the Scriptures on what they have taught. This is all well and good.

Inevitably though, within the contributions of previous generations, there are bound to be some mistaken opinions that need clearing up. Today we enjoy the benefit of more historical hindsight, better scientific investigation, more archeological discoveries, and to some extent a better understanding of ancient languages; mankind’s pool of knowledge and understanding has grown considerably over the years.

All that to say, we in this generation may be saddled, unknowingly, with certain past interpretations that were rooted too much in the cultural milieu of yesteryear.

It helps then to look beyond former mindsets, especially if they are hindering us now from getting a proper or full understanding about some aspects of the End of the Age scenario. As mentioned, we in the Modern Age do have an edge on those who pondered these things in days gone by – namely, the benefit of more historical hindsight and a larger pool of knowledge than was available in the past.

If indeed we are living on the very threshold of the fulfillment of many of the Bible’s End of the Age predictions, then we have that priceless advantage that eluded former generations: that is, we can see and experience the actual culture and technology which the ancient prophecies were referring to.

As the name suggests, this website will propose some upgrades to our understanding of certain End of the Age passages of Scripture that have puzzled former generations. The author doesn’t pretend to have any great inside scoop and acknowledges that he could be wrong on some things. (And if you think so, your comments and suggestions are heartily welcomed.) But hopefully, the website will bring some advancement in our knowledge of what the Sacred Book has to say about our present day and the near future.

As a final note, it should be remembered that the real purpose of any helpful knowledge this website may happen to convey is simply that of trying to restore and build faith in the genuineness of the Sacred Book, all the while keeping in mind the admonition, “Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies.” (1 Corinthians 8:1) Love is the touchstone and motivation that we must not lose sight of.

The quest for knowledge is a noble undertaking for any sincere student of the ancient words of God. But he or she must also remember the words of 1 Corinthians 13: “Though I… understand all mysteries and all knowledge… and have not love, I am nothing.” And “Love never fails.” So let love be your guide and passion, and this will be the key to success in anyone’s quest to live his or her life in a way that is pleasing to God.


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  1. Mike B

    Dear Editor
    That is a good point. It is quite possible that over the years those studying the Bible may have developed a lens or way of viewing scriptures that has been passed on to them and has been accepted as a fact.
    It is healthy to review our previously held interpretations from time to time as Acts 17:11 suggests, “These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so”

  2. Mike B

    to add to my previous post …”fight truth decay…brush up on the Bible”

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