These posts seek to address and hopefully straighten out certain doctrinal issues that  may be causing confusion in the realm of contemporary Christianity.

Retrieving Our Lost Heritage! Has the Earth Already Had an End Time? Sometimes the key to the future can be found in the past. In these posts, learn about the early history of humankind and of the earth – a fascinating history well known to our forbears, but, sad to say, one that lies hidden nowadays under the rubble of modern speculations about our origins.

Table of Contents
Part 1: The World of Prehistory

Part 2: Has the Earth Already Had an “End Time”? Cataclysm of the Great Flood
Part 3: Transition from One Environment to Another

Part 4: How Well Does Evolution Theory Agree with Scientific Principles and Discoveries?
Part 5: How Old Is the Natural World?
Part 6: Conclusion

Genesis: 6 Days or 6 Billion Years? The theories of modern science stand in sharp contrast to the opening page of Genesis and what it tells us about the Beginning of the natural environment we live in. But if supernatural agency (God) can supersede natural laws, then maybe Genesis is a lot more scientific than we realize.

Christ or Antichrist? Who Is the White Horse? An age-old mystery from the Book of Revelation fires up our imaginations, as we learn about the future conquest over the forces of Darkness followed by establishment of Heaven on Earth.

Apocrypha/Alien-Gospel: Fact or Fiction? Have you wondered what to make of the “alien invasion” theories that are becoming popular nowadays, many of which are based on the Apocryphal writings? How valid are these scenarios about mankind’s soon-coming future? This post attempts to address these issues and to sort out fact from fiction.

Holy Covenant/70th-Week: Past or Future? A compilation of material from this website’s study on Daniel 10-12 and Daniel 9, addressing the issue of whether the “holy covenant” and related events described in the Book of Daniel should be relegated into the ancient past, or were those Scriptures meant to foretell what would come to pass in the near-future, the final years of our present Age?

Hell in Heaven? Heaven in Hell? (Part A, Part B, Part C) Do non-believers get a second chance? Can Hell’s prisoners find release? Do wayward Christians undergo rehabilitation in Heaven? These and other controversial questions are addressed in this comprehensive look at what goes on in the Afterlife.

Age of the Earth and the Ice Age These fascinating details about our ancient heritage lie hidden behind a modern day fog of  misinformation. This post attempts to bring some clarity to the subject.

Gabriel’s Prophetic Proclamations: Ancient Past or Near Future? Because of the lack of historical hindsight, previous generations of scholars could not fully grasp what God’s archangel Gabriel was telling the prophet Daniel long ago. Clearing away the accumulation of past misinterpretation reveals a surprisingly accurate picture of modern historical realities… foreseen some 2,600 years ago!

It Took on a Life of its Own! How easy it is to regard popular and prevailing ideas of the present as next-to-eternal truths. But many of these are just theories that have “taken on a life of their own.” A healthy skepticism (without being cynical) can help to bring about the balance and clarity that is needed.

Evaluation of New Age Teaching Some people embrace New Age philosophy as the ultimate answer to everything; others see it as a dangerous undermining of Christian belief and doctrine. This post tries to see things, hopefully, from a balanced perspective.

144,000, Great Multitude: Who Are They? The Book of Revelation refers to God’s End of the Age heroes as the “144,000” and the “great multitude”. Who are they? And how should they be differentiated… or unified?


Hoodwinked! Modern Israel lays claim to her Promised Land on the basis of Biblical promises about a “greater Israel”. Judging by how she is going about it, though, one can’t help but wonder that she may be out of step with and running ahead of God’s plan.

Origin of the Natural World: Divine Intervention? Evolution? or Both! This pamphlet cuts through the modern day fog of disinformation that has obscured the truth about our priceless heritage as God’s Creation. We humans have the reassurance of God’s love for us and the ethical responsibility to love others – not only on the basis of faith, but also because science (true science) so clearly reveals His hand in the formation of the natural world.

End of the Age? Are we living in that unique era of history prior to the Return of Christ, or is that just wishful thinking, a repeat of similar proclamations that have been made throughout history?

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