I) A Previous “End of the Age”? Is Earth due for an End of the Age cataclysm? Such an idea seems preposterous… that is, until we examine the astonishing scientific evidence left behind by a great cataclysm (the Flood) that re-shaped our planet Earth in ancient times.

II) Ezekiel 38-39: Ancient Prophet Glimpses the Modern World! Learn what the ancient prophet Ezekiel predicted will transpire in the near future in the explosive region of the Mideast.

III) Unraveling the Mystery of the Image: An in-depth study of how the ancient writer of the Book of Revelation understood a certain vision about the world of the future – the vision of the “image of the beast” – and how it is manifested in our modern world.

IV) Unraveling the Mystery of the Abomination: Through the benefit of historical hindsight, the puzzling prediction about the arrival of an “abomination of desolation” steps boldly out of the shadows. This ancient secret, locked away in the ancient Scriptures for so many generations, suddenly unveils its meaning with unusual clarity and focus – a breakthrough in our understanding that could never have emerged except in this modern era of advanced military technology.

V) Daniel 2: Shape of the Future – Dual Nature of the Antichrist Kingdom: Again, a look into the near future, with a re-drawn map of the regions that will try to dominate the world prior to the Second Coming.

VI) Daniel 8: Bridging Past and Future: An ancient ruler and oppressor of God’s people serves as a lens through which the prophet gains, with the help of the angel Gabriel, an astonishing look at the final anti-Christ ruler soon to come in our present Age.

VII) Daniel 9: Second Coming, When? Ancient Prophet Explains! Some Biblical predictions are extremely precise – such as those about the First and Second Coming of Christ, the two greatest turning points in human history…

VIII) Daniel 10-12: Ancient Mid East Turmoil Telescopes into Modern Times! Find out how the angel Gabriel used his visionary “telescope” to predict the near future and the distant future.

Part 1: Daniel Dives into the Supernatural Realm
Part 2: Gabriel’s “Telescope” Focuses on Near-Future Events
Part 3: Gabriel’s “Telescope” Zooms out into the Distant Future
Part 4: Deliverance!

IX) 666 and Mark of the Beast: Bridging Past, Present, and Future: Almost 2,000 years ahead of time, this remarkable revelation given to Christ’s apostle expresses in ancient riddle style certain aspects of modern technology.

X) Ten Horns Coming into View? In previous generations, historical conditions did not yet match, accurately enough, the descriptions in Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 and 17 about that peculiar group of nations known as the  “ten horns”. But now their identity is becoming startlingly clear.

XI) Fall of the Great Harlot: Revelation 17-18 portrays the sudden and catastrophic collapse of a powerful empire symbolized as a Harlot at the hands of another powerful empire symbolized as a Beast. And this takes place shortly before the Second Coming. Who are these empires, and can we see this event about to happen in our modern day?