(First published May, 2014; revised June, 2019)

[Unless noted otherwise, Scriptures quoted are from the New King James Version of the Bible]

1 – What is the Alien Gospel?
2 – Invasion by the Forces of Darkness
3 – Invasion by the Forces of Light? UFOs? Hybrids/Giants?
4 – Apocryphal Works: Old and New
5 – Reverse-Engineering/Embellishment of Artistic Works
6 – “As the Days of Noah. . . Seed of the Woman”
7 – Staying on Track
8 – Where to Draw the Line
APPENDIX 1: “Mingle themselves with seed of men” (Daniel 2:43)
APPENDIX 2: Why the Book of Enoch was not written by Enoch

APPENDIX 3: What’s wrong with the Book of Jasher?
APPENDIX 4: How Canon Scripture Differs from Apocryphal Literature

1 – What is the “Alien Gospel”?

In the Bible several visions and prophecies predict the “end of the world”, or the “end of the Age”. This has been a controversial subject through the centuries and the cause for much speculation and debate. Our study here will focus on a message that is becoming popular nowadays and has come to be known as the “alien gospel”. Briefly, it proposes that

1)       Demonic spirits will infiltrate into our earthly realm on a new, heightened level of intensity.

2)       They will even materialize.

3)       They will try to masquerade themselves as visitors from outer space.

4)       They will pretend to be saviors of mankind, but their real intent will be to raise up the armies of the world to resist the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

5)       These demonic spirits will try to persuade the world through their propaganda that Christ is the “enemy”, and will advertise themselves as those who will “protect” the world from Him and His invasion force coming from outer space.

6)       And most extreme perhaps is the belief that these demons have already materialized among us and will try to procreate, or already have procreated, with the human race.

7)       This will have the side-effect of corrupting human DNA, which could bring on the extinction of the human race.

Some of this sounds wildly fantastic, and some sounds as though it might have some foundation in truth. What then are we to believe? To begin the task of sorting out fact from fiction, the best starting point would be to check out what the Sacred Book itself has to say.

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  1. clotilde marie

    Thank you so much for this powerful and excellent class! As a lamp lit in darkness it clearly defines the truth of scripture and exposes theories and fiction which I had found quite disturbing to be honest, mainly because, like you so acurately point out, give the devil too much power on a matter which pertains to God alone: the creation of living beings. Thank you for taking the time and effort to study this topic in depth and to so clearly expose it according to scripture. I will bookmark your website for future reference. God bless you.

  2. Gideon Listener

    Thank you for writing this. It clears up many questions I had. It sheds light on much that is going around on the net and leaves me with a peaceful mind and heart. God bless you.

    1. admin

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! GBY too.

  3. John Rose

    Thanks so much for your very thorough article! I had to stop using some good websites such as endtimeinfo.com with a few friends due to these fallen angel articles, alien theories that they started to post on their websites. (Thank God it was only a few) Endtimeinfo has been a great source, and I had business men, bankers go to it, as it has such key insight. But some of this alien articles do not relate to them, for them it is too far-fetched, and this actually limits the reach of the website, as our friends are less likely to share the website with others. I think it is much safer to stick with what we know for sur, and save the specualtions for other websites, or our private newsletters.

    1. admin

      Thank you, John Rose, for your observations. I would say that if we’re serious about Daniel 11:33 – “they that understand among the people shall instruct many” – then we should vet (examine for soundness) rigorously the many interpretations flying around these days about the “End Time”. We owe it to the folks who are counting on our information to be accurate, to do our homework, examine the popular/specatcular-sounding theories, and only publish them if they measure up to a good reality check. Otherwise, we can end up contributing to the creation of confusion in the minds of believers.

  4. James Mara

    Thanks so much for your very thorough article which cleared up a lot of the confusion concerning the “alien gospel” postings. It is exciting to think of all the different possibilities regarding the “End-time”, but is also very necessary to keep to the facts; the scriptures, and rightly divide the Truth. I’m sure we will learn more of the details as time goes along and He reveals them to us as needed.

    1. admin

      Amen and thank you, James, for your comment. How true it is, as you say, to “rightly divide the truth”. In days gone by, it didn’t matter so much whether End Time doctrines were properly understood or not, but now, as D.L. Moody (from Beyond) put it, “Why can’t it be just simple and easy faith? Because these are the Last Days. You are the Lord’s time bombs and there can be no haphazardness about it; you must be precise. You are the forces of the End!” – which applies, not only to doctrinal questions, but in any area of the Lord’s service.

  5. Gaetan

    Thank you John for doing the hard work of investigating this important subject. It did answer many of the questions I had. There is the solid truth from the sacred Book of the Bible, and there is speculation and fiction, sometimes helpful, many times confusing. It is good to know the difference. Great writing as usual. God bless you.

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