Related to “End of the Age” issues, there is here a commentary on the Book of Acts. This outline of the exploits of Christ’s apostles after His First Coming serves as a blueprint for the exploits that His present day followers will experience in these days prior to Christ’s Second Coming.

The early Apostles’ work 2,000 years ago featured great outpourings of spiritual power, miracles, and dynamic proclamations of the Word of God. Likewise, we can expect the same, and even greater manifestations of God’s power, in these days of preparation prior to Christ’s Second Coming. And there is much we can learn from the daring exploits of the Early Church, both their triumphs and defeats, made during those former days of intense opposition in the truth-starved world of Roman times.

INTRODUCTION to Book of Acts

ACTS 1: Christ’s Ascension and Judas’ Replacement

ACTS 2: Holy Spirit Outpouring Kickstarts the Revolution for Christ !

ACTS 3: Astounding Miracle Shocks Jerusalem !

ACTS 4: Confrontation with the Status Quo

ACTS 5: Church Purification, Signs and Wonders, Jailbreak

ACTS 6: Second Confrontation with the Sanhedrin

ACTS 7: First Christian Martyr

ACTS 8: Persecution and Adventures of Philip the Evangelist

ACTS 9: Saul’s Conversion! Peter Raises the Dead!

ACTS 10: First Gentile to Receive the Holy Spirit!

ACTS 11: Gospel Breaks Free from its Enclosure in Judaism!

ACTS 12: James’ Martyrdom; Peter’s Jailbreak Miracle!

ACTS 13: Paul Takes up the Torch – First Missionary Journey to Cyprus and Pisidian Antioch

ACTS 14: Central Turkey Journey Continues; Paul and Barnabas Mistaken for Jupiter and Mercury!

ACTS 15: Law versus Grace Confrontation!

ACTS 16: Greece Pioneers – Prison Earthquake

ACTS 17: Paul’s Gospel Juggernaut Makes its Way to Athens! 

ACTS 18: Commercial Hub Becomes Epicenter for Christianity!

ACTS 19: Dark Arts Forsaken; Mob Violence Subdued

ACTS 20: Paul Raises the Dead! Solemn Farewell and Forewarning

ACTS 21: Paul’s Crash-Landing in Jerusalem

ACTS 22: Mob Scorns Paul and the Gentiles

ACTS 23: Sanhedrin Scuffle and a “Dark Moment

ACTS 24: Trial Replay – Before a Roman Governor

ACTS 25: Paul Escapes Once More from the Sanhedrin

ACTS 26: Paul’s Defense before Israel’s Foreign Rulers

ACTS 27: Shipwreck!

ACTS 28: Arrival In Rome


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