Our Lost Heritage Points to a Glorious Future!
Prophetic Insights into the End of the Age!
Second Coming of Christ!

The posts in this website endeavor to offer some insight into the future course of history, with a focus on what to look for at the end of our present Age. The starting posts, however, cover Earth’s first “End of the Age” (the Great Flood). Subsequent posts investigate the signs and signals pointing to Earth’s next “End of the Age” (the Second Coming of Christ).

Ominous events happening now in the Mid East, Russia, China, America, Israel, and the European Union  were foreseen in ancient times by the Biblical prophets. Learn what they had to say and how events are building up to the grand climax known as Armageddon – to be followed by God’s merciful restoration of the Garden of Eden, a glorious golden Age of Peace and Heaven on Earth known as the Millennium.

Besides the posts concerning “End of the Age” insights, there is a Book of Acts commentary. This outline of the exploits of Christ’s apostles after His First Coming serves as a blueprint for the exploits that His present day followers will experience in these days prior to Christ’s Second Coming.

In addition, there are posts that seek to address and hopefully straighten out certain doctrinal issues in the world of contemporary Christianity.