Retrieving Our Lost Heritage (3B)

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3-A: How the Flood Re-modeled Our Earth’s Environment
3-B: Pictorial of the New Features in Our Post-Flood Environment
3-C: A Further Word about the Giants

3-D: Was There an Ice Age?
3-E: Early Migration Before the Rise of Civilization

3-B: Pictorial of the New Features in Our Post-Flood Environment

Clouds: A shelf cloud associated with a heavy or severe thunderstorm over Enschede, Netherlands

Rainfall: Spectacular scene in Bangalore, India, as viewed from the Nandi Hills


Hurricanes and Tornadoes

Deserts: The pre-Flood world may have had dry areas, but likely, it did not experience the kind of extreme heat found in many deserts of our present environment.

Snow and Ice: A man stands near a utility pole in North Dakota, USA, March 9, 1966. A late-winter blizzard produced snow and wind-blown drifts so high that utility poles were nearly buried.

Frigid Polar Regions

High and Rugged Mountain Ranges: Scene from Himalyan Mountains

Vast Expanse of Oceans Separating Afro-Eurasia from the Americas


Continued in 3-C: A Further Word about the Giants

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