(Retrieving Our Lost Heritage originally published June, 2010. Updated/revised September, 2014; July, 2016; August, 2017; May, 2021; April, 2024)

Table of Contents

Part 1: The World of Prehistory

1-A: Unusual Creatures and Environment
1-B: What about Human Beings in the Age of Prehistory?
1-C: Origin of the Prehistoric Environment and Cause of its Disappearance

Part 2: Has Earth Already Had an “End Time”? Cataclysm of the Great Flood

2-A: Is There Scientific Evidence of a Great Flood?
2-B: Skepticism in Modern Science
2-C: And What About Cultural Evidence?

2-D: Re-Creation of the Earth

Part 3: Transition from One Environment to Another

3-A: How the Flood Re-modeled Our Earth’s Environment
3-B: Pictorial of the New Features in Our Post-Flood Environment
3-C: A Further Word about the Giants

3-D: Was There an Ice Age?
3-E: Early Migration Before the Rise of Civilization

Part 4: How Well Does Evolution Theory Agree with Scientific Principles and Discoveries?

4-A: Introduction
4-B: Complexity of the Natural World – Evidence of Supernatural Designer
4-C: Laws of Science
4-D: The Marvel of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) Structures
Monkey-to-Man Evolution? Missing Evidence of Missing Links
4-F: Micro Versus Macro Evolution
4-G: The Problem with Darwinism
4-H: In Summary, What Does Science Tell Us about Evolution Theory?

Part 5: How Old Is the Natural World?

5A: What About Radioactive Dating Methods?
5B: Age Estimates Based on Geological Evidence
5C: Estimates Based on Evidence from Outer Space
5D: Age Estimates Based on Population Data
5E: Historical-Cultural Evidence
5F: Age Estimates Based on Fossil Evidence: Human-Dinosaur Co-existence!

Part 6: Conclusion

6-A: What is Permanent?
6-B: What does it Mean to Have a Definite Starting Point for History?
6-C: Closing Remarks

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